A Better Home

Only geothermal provides perfect comfort and safety.
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You’re saving money. You’re going green. There must be some sacrifices, right? Wrong.

Perfect Temperature

The centuries-old design used by conventional systems only begins burning energy when the temperature gets too low, and only stops when it gets too hot. This creates a cycle of temperature swings that leaves your home less comfortable and less efficient than it could be.

Geothermal’s efficient “always on” design keeps your home one constant, comfortable temperature all the time. Because, hey, 72 degrees should mean 72 degrees.

Perfectly Quiet

You’ve probably almost gotten used to it by now. You know, the sounds conventional heating and air conditioning systems make. There are still the moments they intrude on your life, though. Maybe you’re watching a movie and have to turn the volume up at a quiet part. Maybe you’re enjoying your patio at the end of a warm summer day and the air conditioner kicks on. There is a better way.

Only a geothermal system can provide you with nearly-silent operation year-round. No more furnace noises, no more noisy a/c units clunking on and off. Just the whisper-quiet operation of the most efficient system available. Many of our customers remark that their unit is so quiet that they have a hard time hearing whether it is running even when they are standing next to it!

Perfectly Safe

Our customers love the safe design of their geothermal systems. Unlike oil or gas based furnaces, there are no gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, or pilot lights to worry about. And unlike electric systems, the direct-heat element of your system is nowhere near your furniture, drapes, pets, or children.

We like to say that the design of geothermal systems creates a cycle where higher efficiency creates greater comfort, which leads to safer operation, which is why it’s so efficient! Contact us today to find out if geothermal is right for you.