A Geothermal Joke

A Geothermal Joke
Apr 23, 2013

The Joke

How can a green technology secretly become mainstream?

It goes underground!

Just Kidding, But Seriously

Because geothermal technology is silent and invisible, most people don’t realize how well-established the technology is.  You might be surprised by its popularity.

How mainstream is geothermal?

Pretty darn.  There have been over one million home installations in US alone.  Unlike solar energy or wind power, there is no big, noticeable equipment above ground screaming, “I’m green technology, look at me!”

While some people view green technology as a status symbol, our customers are most concerned with the results of their investment and see geothermal’s low profile as yet another benefit of the technology.

So it’s a proven technology?

Heck yes.  This is not new technology, and there is nothing experimental about it.  In Sweden and Switzerland, which have had much faster adoption of efficient building practices, more than 75% of new home builds incorporate geothermal technology.

Homes have been using geothermal systems for decades, and their performance and reliability are well known.  The only thing holding back its growth is one of its greatest benefits:  It is invisible and silent.  Most people will never know they drove past, or even walked into a “geothermal home” so its popularity is hidden.

Keep It Under a Bushel? No!

There’s nothing saying you have to keep quiet about your geothermal installation though. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your savings when your friends ask how you’re affording that vacation or boat.

Want Something to Brag About?

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