About Earthwarm

Inspired by a passion for quality and service.

The Earthwarm Story

Leigh_FamilyThe tough decision you are making now — how to heat and cool your home — is a familiar one here at Earthwarm, because it’s the story the company was founded on.

Owner Mark Leigh, already an experienced and trusted home builder, was looking into the options for his own home.  Seeing the cost savings, increased safety and comfort, and environmental benefits of geothermal made him excited about the potential.

While he was thrilled about the technology, Mark was less than thrilled with the options for geothermal installers. His passion for the technology and experience with other installers led him to put in the hard work and training to become a geothermal contractor himself.  He installed a system in his own home and has never looked back.

I kind of became this ‘geothermal geek’. Most people don’t care about soil types and system designs, but I love it. Flipping the switch on the perfect installation is the best part of the job.” -Owner Mark Leigh

Our “Quality First” Approach

Because we’ve been where you are now, we have built our business around the idea that every project should be treated as if it were our own home. By choosing to install a geothermal heating and cooling system with Earthwarm Geothermal, you can know your home is as efficient, cost-effective, safe, and comfortable as it can be.

Details Matter

Getting the details right can maximize efficiency and save thousands of dollars over the life of your system. Choosing an installer with the right combination of experience and expertise can make all the difference.

Loop & Equipment Choices

Experienced installers know that decisions about loop size and type, combined with an intimate knowledge of heat exchange systems, makes all the difference.

Distribution Systems

The heat exchange portion is only half of your home’s conditioning system. Maximum efficiency and comfort requires expertise in HVAC distribution as well.

Quality first means choosing only the most efficient, longest-lasting, quietest equipment available.

Our GeoComfort systems:

- Are made in America.

- Undergo the toughest quality testing in the industry.

- Come with the best factory warranty options in the industry.

- Have the highest efficiency and capacity ratings of any systems.

- Have a wider system selection, allowing a perfect fit for your home.

- Have coated coils for a longer lifespan and more reliability.

- Include air handlers custom designed for maximum efficiency.

- Use the most efficient, quietest blower motors available.

Your installation is important for you and your home, so it is important to us too. That’s why everything we do is with your interests in mind.

We will dedicate all our experience and expertise to:

- Select only the highest quality, most cost-effective equipment with your specific needs in mind.

- Install your geothermal system with uncompromising detail and care, as if it were our own home.

- Ensure your home is as comfortable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly as it can be.