Geothermal on “This Old House”

May 13, 2013

We know you probably haven’t met us yet. We hope you do someday, by the way. Until that day comes though, we understand that your sharp consumer instincts mean you’re hesitant to take us at our word. That’s normal, and we get it.

Here’s a guy you’ve probably spent a serious amount of time with, through your TV of course, and probably trust completely. We’re talking about Kevin O’Connor from the show “This Old House.”

Kevin and the crew from “This Old House” recently featured a house installing a Geothermal heating and cooling system, and you can watch him talk to the contractor about why it’s such a smart decision. You can check it out here. When you do, skip to “Scene 5″ if you want to go straight to the Geothermal part.

They bring up good points about efficiency and cost savings, but we only wish they would have talked about the safety and comfort benefits as well!

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