Green Resources for Teachers

Green Resources for Teachers
Apr 16, 2013

An excitement for the future

It should be no surprise that we here at Earthwarm see geothermal and other green technologies as the future.  We work to install and improve the technologies today so our children have a better future, and we believe that these efficient and environmentally friendly technologies will be the standard in the years to come.

And a love of education

We also believe that the bright minds of our children will accomplish things we can’t even imagine, in large part thanks to the amazing teachers they will have along the way.

Today we stumbled across a great tool from the U.S. Department of Energy aimed at helping teachers inspire a love of science through lesson plans founded on understanding different “Green” technologies.

This tool allows teachers to search based on keywords or pre-selected topics (everything from solar to geothermal, biomass to hydro, hydrogen to wind energy), as well as grade level.  It then displays a list of comprehensive, standards-based lesson plans teachers can fold into their instructions.

We hope that this tool helps educators inspire young minds to pursue promising careers in science and the green economy of the future.

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