Save Money

How much can geothermal save you? A lot.

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See how much we can save you by making the switch.

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Low Operating Cost

Spend Up To 70% Less

Why spend money you don’t have to?

A geothermal system is so efficient, it can cost as much as 70% less to heat and cool a home compared to a traditional system.

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How Does That Happen?

By using heat from the earth to warm your home, you avoid burning expensive fuel for warmth.

The most efficient conventional systems operate at 95% efficiency. That means for every dollar of energy you buy, you get 95¢ worth of heat.

A geothermal system is 400% efficient, so for every dollar you spend on energy, you get $4 worth of heat!

You also experience significant cost savings in the summer. Because your system exchanges the heat in your home with the cool earth instead of the hot outside air, the energy required to cool your home is much less.

Lifetime & Maintenance

Longer Lasting, Less Maintenance

Spend less on upkeep and replace equipment less often.

Sounds too good to be true, right? The fact of the matter is, your geothermal system will require less upkeep and last much longer than a traditional system.

Get More For Your Money

Geothermal equipment has a lifespan of 20-25 years, which is double that of many conventional systems. The ground loops are built to last up to 200 years. Combined with the lower operating cost, that means big savings in the long run.

Inexpensive & Worry Free

Many other systems require inconvenient and costly maintenance in order to prevent fires or dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Your safe and worry-free geothermal system doesn’t require any of that.

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Tax & Utility Credits

Get Paid To Save

Tax credits & utility rebates mean big savings.

Lower monthly bills, less maintenance, longer equipment life, now with tax credits and utility rebates on top of it all. Together, the numbers make geothermal the common sense choice.

tax creditSave On Installation

A 30% Federal tax credit on the cost of installation means you can get a geothermal system for much less than you thought.

Utility Rebates

Utilities are also showing their love for geothermal. Many energy companies offer significant rebates for homes and businesses that install geothermal systems. Imagine getting paid to save money, and you’ll know how it feels to have a geothermal system in your home.

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